How to choose the best Automated Teller Safe? Top-5 Teller Cash Recyclers

Friday, June 15, 2018

Teller automatic safes (TAU) are very specific type of banking equipment - have been undeservedly overlooked, but recently their sales have been steadily growing. It took more than 15 years, several world crises and rapid development of internet technologies, to make the functionality of these self-service devices appreciated. TAU help saving human resources while performing routine cash operations, closing cashier’s working day, calculating, validating and preparing cash for cash collection by CIT service team. The devices allow accelerating the work of cashiers in banks and stores, minimizing the risk of making operational errors and completely replace such traditional equipment as validators, counting machines and banknote wrappers. Additionally, TAU provide possibility for branch transformation into self-service mode: banks and other organizations can organize the process of issuing loans and depositing funds without direct involvement of their own employees.

The company BS/2 has conducted a small study and compared different models of electronic cashiers, highlighting five the most functional and reliable devices from the world's largest manufacturers.




1. Diebold Nixdorf CS 6060 / ARCA CM18

Due to the technical characteristics, the functionality and the unrivaled level of service provided by the Diebold Nixdorf distributors, this electronic cashier model is the undisputed leader in the world.

Diebold Nixdorf CS 6060 is a teller safe with the most compact size: it takes a title of the most easy-to-operate and easy-to-service devices in the industry. The user-friendly interface of CS6060 sets the new standards of usability for teller’s work optimization.


          • Banknotes serial numbers recognition
          • Ability to process up to 128 different denominations
          • Possibility to install 4 additional drums


          • There is no roll-back feature, because it lacking intelligent cash storage module 


2. Diebold Nixdorf CS 6040

Unlike previous self-service devices, this model can stand on the operator desk. This recycler uses for cash storage the same cassettes as most Diebold Nixdorf ATMs. This feature allows employees of financial institutions and other organizations to perform the collection by themselves, if necessary, replacing filled cassettes with empty ones.

Due to a reasonable balance of quality and cost, as well as functional features, this device is a real bestseller in Eastern Europe and in many now developing markets. 


          • High speed of cash deposit and withdrawal - 10 bills per second
          • Ability to process up to 128 different denominations
          • It can store two bills denominations on one drum
          • Separate cassette for counterfeit bills 


      • Not big enough volume for notes storage and processing on drums (4 drums, 350 banknotes each)


3. GLORY RBG-200

The device GLORY RBG-200 is a recognized leader in its class of devices in terms of functionality. The device meets the world standards of ergonomics and can work reliably for many years.

Two cashiers can simultaneously use TAU. During the operation, the cash dispenser slot will face one of them. This saves employees time in financial institution and increases the convenience.


      • All available features for devices of this class
      • Available an intelligent cash storage module: banknotes selection by denominations and banknotes serial numbers
      • The largest capacity (8 drums 600 banknotes each)
      • Ability to install two additional drums or cassette, used for non-standard denominations, for drums overflow and more secure collection (without access to the drums).


  • High cost of equipment and spare parts
  • Large size (especially the length of the device) requires the allocation of sufficient office space.


4. ARCA MB18b

ARCA CM18b is a small safe, capable of ensuring the bills storages in a special bag ready for CIT. This feature allows unloading the whole cash amount in the bag and performprompt collection. The speed of cash deposit and withdrawal is the same as that of other ARCA models, 7 and 5 bills per second, respectively. 6 drums of this device store up to 3000 notes.


      • Simplified procedure of collection due to the presence of a special bag  


      • A small volume is suitable only for specific conditions (small store, or the need to install several devices in one branch of the bank, etc.)
      • Does not allow reducing the number of CIT visits
      • High price  



5. Nautilus Hyosung MoniSafe 500

There are two device modifications: a standard MoniSafe 500 with 6 cassettes and the enlarged MoniSafe 500N - with the possibility to install 8 cassettes. Each model is equipped with an additional cassette for discarded bills and a transit cassette that is suitable on other self-service Hyosung devices.


      • The highest capacity among similar equipment of this class
      • The highest speed of processing banknotes among similar equipment of other vendors (12-15 banknotes per second). 


      • It has cassettes not drums
      • Higher probability to "chew-up" bills
      • There is no roll-back feature


When choosing teller automatic safe manufacturer and model, it is best to consult with specialists, since the use of the specialized software along with the device gives the opportunity to receive all advantages of this equipment. BS/2 is the developer of Smart Safe.iQ solution, which allows to optimize smart-safes work and deposit machines installed in bank branches and to unite them into a single efficient network.

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