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Automated Teller Safe and SmartSafe.iQ software solution

Specialized hardware and software complex includes Automated Teller Safes (ATSs) from the world's leading manufacturers (Wincor Nixdorf, CTS, Glory, Talaris, Vertera etc.) and SmartSafe.iQ software solution.

Work place automation, centralized administration, monitoring and control of all processes significantly reduce possible human errors as well as illegal financial transactions.

Full integration in BIS allows the bank to control the cash flow in real time, while maintaining a familiar workplace user's interface.

Using SmartSafe.iQ with ATSs complying to all security requirements, eliminates the need for end-day replenishments. Money remains in the safe, if allowed, while cash is balanced automatically.

Another advantage is the speed of cash processing - up to 10 notes per second, including the option of triple validation of bank notes.

SmartSafe.iQ / ATS combination eliminates the need of a bank branch conventional design with lots of booths and armored partitions. The use of a recycler ATS takes the customer service to a new level from a single window only.

SmartSafe.iQ offers many ways to integrate with BIS (Bank Information System) such as Web services, Stored Procedures, JMS, DLL.

Currently integration is implemented with the following BIS: Colvir CBS 3, Forpost, ODB, DCS, Platon, MMBANK, Flexcube, Finacle, BIScuit, Altas 2. New integration is implemented in 2-3 months.




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